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what our clients think of Central Florida Treatment Centers
Before I came to CFTC, my life was a revolving door of chronic relapses, treatment, minimal sobriety and a life paved by good yet unfulfilled intentions, always backed by empty promises. I did not know how to live a life clean and successful outside of an institution thus the pattern was forever repeating itself. I finally got off what I called "the treatment merry-go-round lifestyle" when I came here, to CFTC, and learned to break the pattern by incorporating a program of recovery with everyday goals of living and meeting milestones of accomplishments. That person, now, serves only as a reminder of what my life "used" to be like. Finally, I was given the tools I needed to live, not just a normal, productive life but better yet, a successful life. The staff was patient, compassionate, and understanding and helped me to help myself.

Before I had no job, no money, no transportation, no home, no prospects but through following the programs guidelines, l now have a job, my own transportation, a savings account, an apartment, healthy relationships and most importantly, a future. CFTC played a crucial role in saving my life and in preventing me from becoming yet another statistic. For that, I am truly grateful.

- testimonial by Margaret P.
A Woman
I began doing and abusing drugs about 20 yrs ago. I have been through many treatment centers, detox & rehab facilities, even other methadone clinics, BUT nowhere have I had success in staying clean and sober than at Central Florida Treatment Centers. The staff has been caring, friendly and professional. My counselor, Lee, took an active interest in my sobriety. The Director, Earl, and the nursing staff have helped keep me on track with a plan for staying sober and the doctor has shown great concern for my health. I have been reunited with family and church. All in my life is good. Thanks to the clinic, some self-control, and God, I am going to do and be okay.

- Charles V.
Dear Earl,
I just wanted to let you know that the care that I have received at Central Florida Treatment Centers has been top of the line and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of your staff. I have been in treatment in 4 clinics now, and this is by far the best of them. Your staff is courteous and professional, and they try to treat everyone fairly, even though some clients are more difficult than others.
Rhonda is my counselor and she has been wonderful to me. I only come once a week and she always accommodates changes in appointments when things come up. She really seems to care about me and my recovery, and if she treats all her clients as well as myself, you should have a nice group of people on the right track.

testimonials - restoring hope for families
Living in abandoned buildings -- to escape prying eyes.  The scornful looks of the disapproving public.  I had slipped down a slope and into an abyss from which there is VERY little chance of return.  I was a stone-cold heroin addict and I had lost (or bartered) away my soul bit by bit, year in and year out, to procure that gram of white powder I needed each day to "keep the sick off". I did things which still haunt me to this day.   Bad things.   Selfish things. --- Terrible things.  That abyss I mentioned -- I was at the bottom of it, digging with a shovel to go even lower.  'Rock­ bottom' as it commonly referred, is always one shovel-full deeper.   Such is the self-loathing and self-destructive mindset of an actively using opiate addict.

Having been institutionalized,   jailed, stuck in a padded room, etc, etc, to no positive effect I had the good fortune of running into a nurse who suggested I seek MEDICAL treatment for my addiction.  MMT she called it, or Methadone Maintenance Treatment.  Close to a decade ago I walked into a local clinic which dispensed methadone to those in the throes of active opiate addiction. It was the single most important decision I have made regarding my addiction; it gave me the fighting chance to save my OWN life.
Since I have been stable on methadone my wife and I have had three glorious children.  I got myself out from under ALL legal/criminal problems here where I live. I got my drivers license back. I lost my Father to heart disease/stroke.   We moved to Memphis for two years - then back here to Florida.   Became active in Methadone advocacy and started helping others new to the program.  I either lost or had EVERY tooth in my head removed and had both upper and lower dentures made. I gained 100 pounds on my frame! We saved and saved and purchased our FIRST home.  I even gained the trust and eventual admiration of my in-laws. I lost my Mother to complications stemming from her diabetes. I went out to CA to bury her and divide her estate with my sole brother.   I turned forty-three and reached what I would consider my first level of self-actualization.
Where I would be had I not sought medical help for my addiction to opiates is a scary thing to contemplate. Much has happened since I have been on MMT --- but I would not trade a single thing or a single minute of a single day. It has been REAL. Good or bad, happy and sad -- it has been REAL and I've dealt with it. Today I am extremely happily married to my JR. High School sweetheart.  We have three beautiful and loving children and we live in a very nice community on a golf course here in sunny Florida.  We are not in debt - my wife makes excellent money which affords me to stay home and watch our kids.  Everyone is healthy and we love life and laugh a LOT. What I have now would not have been possible without my medication. That is a simple and incontrovertible truth. So to anyone who suggests that I "get off" my medication, I just give the short answer:
"Nah, I think I’m doing alright just how I am thanks."
- Mark
I am 50 years old now and in the early 90's I became severely addicted to pain medication. So much so that I, being a single parent of two, sacrificed financially both myself and my two kids. It was hard to function with work without having drugs, so I maintained a lot of relationships with different people who could get me prescription meds. This illegal activity continued for several years without incident, but I knew that I would eventually get into serious trouble if I continued. I was very lucky! My life had become unmanageable.

I finally talked to one of my suppliers. He told me about the clinic and how I could eliminate my abuse of my body from taking so much medication and could free myself from the bonds of all these suppliers. I took the step and became a client here. Some say that it is a trade off from bad to bad. I wholly disagree. When you follow the directions and work with your counselors, you live again. Free from the streets. Free from the fear, guilt, and free from the unchecked drug intake that most certainly puts your life in danger.

Aside from becoming capable of living normally again, I have completely cut all ties to the street. I have nothing to do with that part of my life and I live within the law. I would recommend to anyone (and have) to start treatment if you cannot kick this addiction any other way.

- Ron R.
Man on bicycle
I believe I am an excellent example of successfully working the methadone treatment program with outstanding results. Over 10 years ago, I was in a terrible accident with an 18-wheeler and I became miserably hooked on any painkiller I could get. Money was not an issue. Doctors were not the issue. Work was not an issue. My wife and children were. I was controlled by something that they could not and would not understand. I put them outside my mental realm of priorities and I was quite content with this, unless of course, I was temporarily out of my medicine and miserably sick. During those moments, sick as hell, I would drop everything - family, work, all activities, until i scored my medicine again. At this point, six Percocet 10's, 4 to 5 times a day were needed by me just to feel normal. I really could not even get "high" anymore. My wife knew about the pain pills, but did not know how many or my secrets. I was a professional at this, but she could not understand why I wasn't "improving" from the "pain" I was constantly in from the car wreck.

I was the Senior Vice President of a 200 plus employee firm, building 5 star resorts throughout the Caribbean while I was out of control with my life. Instead I was controlled (mentally and physically) by those damn pills and finally, after another 10 years of this constant lie to myself and others, I convinced myself to get help. I felt I could not just quit obviously, so I started investigating options and came to the conclusion that a methadone treatment center would be my smartest choice. I thank God everyday for many things - the treatment program is high on that list. I have been in the methadone treatment program for over 10 years now. This really has been a true blessing for me. I can participate in everything that anyone else can and no one has a clue that I take methadone, unless I want them to know! Privacy is extremely important to me and most people - I can attest that in 10 plus years, Mine has never been violated or abused. For the most part, the counselors and centers are outstanding, and once you resolve the mental commitment to let it work, the physical side of withdrawal is gone. I really believe that because of the methadone treatment program, my life is back to normal! My family life is fantastic, my overall health is fine for my age, my business and financial life is usually great (except when the economy collapses) and after 5 years, I finally found the most important aspect of my life - my relationship with the Lord. In case you wonder, you too will enjoy similar lifestyle successes by letting the methadone treatment program work for you.

Best wishes,
- KA
My name is Elizabeth C. I would like to say thank you for everything you all do. My sober date is December 26, 2012. I have managed to hold on to my sobriety through kidney cancer, collapsed lung, hysterectomy, sinus and throat tumors, and now a brain tumor. Last December I was in a lot of pain and began taking meds as prescribed, however my Dr's wanted me to go back to pain management which is how my addiction began. The thought scared me, especially with the knowledge of knowing that I could not manage a prescription properly. I could envision myself picking up a needle again. Dr Autin just happened to be who I was sent to for my sinus and throat tumors. After explaining that I'd been sober and my fears, he suggested that I return. It was the best thing I could have done. I stayed on a lower dose, 55 mg, and my counselor, Shannon, is amazing. Unfortunately, my youngest child turned 18 so DCF took my Medicaid. I explained this and began a voluntary detox, which was great, no withdrawal. I stopped at 3 mg on Nov 4th and praise God, am ok. I do intend on returning asap. I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone in Ft. Pierce for all of their support. You are saving lives.

- Elizabeth C

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